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Be Smart!?

SMART is a mnemonic used in project management at the project objective setting stage. It is a way of evaluating if the objectives that are being set are appropriate for the individual project.
A SMART objective is one that is:
Specific ( the goal and methods are clearly defined)
Measurable ( the objectives are measured numerically)
Achievable ( humanly possible, and the project has all the required resources)
Relevant ( avoid the temptation of defining a goal just because it fits nicely to the previous three criteria)
Time framed (set deadlines)

There is no clear consensus about precisely what the 5 keywords mean, or even what they are. Sometimes Realistic or Result or Results-Oriented or Resourced (Favell, 2004) is seen in place of Relevant, or Appropriate or Action in seen in place of Achievable.

The SMART criteria are guidelines suggesting that milestones should be:
Time framed

 Mnemonics: Be Smart!?

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