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Mnemonic Devices > Social > Mnemonic devices for detecting HIV Risks

Mnemonic devices for detecting HIV Risks


Learning Problem

A large number of people desperately need basic HIV/AIDS knowledge in order to avoid acquiring or transmitting the virus, but the culture stigmatizes the distribution of that knowledge due to its close association with sexual practices. Those who want to gain this knowledge in order to protect themselves and their loved ones fear social stigma or feel embarrassed at the thought of seeking such "forbidden" knowledge. The Interactive Teaching AIDS: Indian Research Module titled, Prevention is Better than NO CURE, will enable people to learn what they need to know despite existing social and cultural barriers.

Learning Goal

Utilize Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to distribute tailored mass education to promote an overall understanding of basic HIV/AIDS prevention education in a comfortable and private way.

More at Interactive Teaching AIDS (Stanford University and Piya Sorcar)

3-Point Mantra (Mnemonic Device 1)


Triangle Test (Mnemonic Device 2)


Artwork: Manick Sorcar Productions

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