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Mnemonic Devices > Chemistry > Diatomic Molecules

Diatomic Molecules

 Mnemonics: Diatomic Molecules

The elements Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Fluorine, Oxygen, Iodine, Chlorine, and Bromine are always found as diatomic molecules:
  • HONClFIBr (say HONKLE-fibber)
  • BrINClHOF (say Brinckle-hoff)
  • Have No Fear Of Ice Cold Beer
  • Never Have Fear Of Ice Cold Beer
  • I Have No Bright Or Clever Friends
  • ClIF H Bron
  • HOFBrINCl Twins (twins because they exist in pairs)
  • There are seven such elements. The first one is the first element Hydrogen; the rest form a 7 on the periodic table: N, O, F across, then going down Cl, Br, I.
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