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Mnemonic Devices > Religion > Remembering Biblical Dates

Remembering Biblical Dates

 Mnemonics: Remembering Biblical Dates

Mnemonics for remembering Biblical Dates
Biblical Figure Date
Adam 'A' looks like a 4 for 4000 BC if you remove the left lowest leg.
Enoch Backwards E is a 3 for 3000 BC
Noah 2 on its side is an ark, 3 is for water, 4 and 4 are sharks swimming in the sea. 2344 BC
Abraham 2000 BC
Joseph 1800 BC like Joseph Smith 1800 AD
Moses In 1492 BC Moses was placed on the water like Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492
Samson Samson pushed apart the two pillars of the stadium, which are 11 for 1100 BC.
Solomon 1000 BC
Elijah Carrying two barrels (8) of water to contest the Priests of Baal is 800 BC
Isaiah I is like a 7 for 700 BC
Malachi Announcing that Elijah will come before the great day of the Lord begins the countdown 432 BC.
Greeks Or Greeeks with three 'e's for 333 BC
Crusades Two pillars adopted from the Solomon temple are Jachin and Boaz for 1100 AD.
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