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103 Celebrity Eyes

Alfred Adler: To see with the eyes of another, to hear with the ears of another, to feel with the heart of another. For the time being, this seems to me an admissible definition of what we call social feeling.

eyes of Adriana~Limaeyes of Aishwarya~Raieyes of Alessandra~Ambrosioeyes of Alexis~Bledeleyes of Alicia~Silverstoneeyes of Alyson~Hanniganeyes of Alyssa~Milanoeyes of Angelina~Jolieeyes of Anna~Kournikovaeyes of Anna~Nicole~Smitheyes of Anne~Hathawayeyes of Avril~Lavigneeyes of Beyonce~Knowleseyes of Britney~Spearseyes of Brooke~Hoganeyes of Cameron~Diazeyes of Carmen~Electraeyes of Caterina~Murinoeyes of Catherine~Belleyes of Catherine~Zeta-Joneseyes of Charlize~Theroneyes of Christina~Aguileraeyes of Christina~Riccieyes of Cindy~Crawfordeyes of Claudia~Schiffereyes of Courteney~Coxeyes of Demi~Mooreeyes of Denise~Richardseyes of Drew~Barrymoreeyes of Elisha~Cuthberteyes of Eva~Greeneyes of Eva~Longoriaeyes of Eva~Mendeseyes of Famke~Jansseneyes of Fergieeyes of Gemma~Wardeyes of Gisele~Bundcheneyes of Gwen~Stefanieyes of Halle~Berryeyes of Hayden~Panettiereeyes of Heidi~Klumeyes of Hilary~Duffeyes of Holly~Valanceeyes of Jenna~Jamesoneyes of Jennifer~Anistoneyes of Jennifer~Connellyeyes of Jennifer~Garnereyes of Jennifer~Lopezeyes of Jennifer~Love-Hewitteyes of Jenny~McCarthyeyes of Jessica~Albaeyes of Jessica~Bieleyes of Jessica~Simpsoneyes of Jodie~Fostereyes of Julia~Robertseyes of Karolina~Kurkovaeyes of Kate~Beckinsaleeyes of Kate~Mosseyes of Kate~Winsleteyes of Katie~Holmeseyes of Keeley~Hazelleyes of Keira~Knightleyeyes of Kelly~Brookeyes of Kirsten~Dunsteyes of Kylie~Minogueeyes of Leeann~Tweedeneyes of Lindsay~Lohaneyes of Liv~Tylereyes of Mandy~Mooreeyes of Mariah~Careyeyes of Meg~Ryaneyes of Michelle~Pfeiffereyes of Michelle~Rodriguezeyes of Naomi~Campbelleyes of Naomi~Wattseyes of Natalia~Vodianovaeyes of Natalie~Portmaneyes of Nicole~Kidmaneyes of Pamela~Andersoneyes of Paris~Hiltoneyes of Penelope~Cruzeyes of Reese~Witherspooneyes of Rosamund~Pikeeyes of Salma~Hayekeyes of Sandra~Bullockeyes of Sarah~Jessica~Parkereyes of Sarah~Michelle~Gellareyes of Scarlett~Johanssoneyes of Shakiraeyes of Shannen~Dohertyeyes of Shannon~Elizabetheyes of Sharon~Stoneeyes of Sophie~Marceaueyes of Tara~Reideyes of Tera~Patrickeyes of Teri~Hatchereyes of Thora~Bircheyes of Tyra~Bankseyes of Uma~Thurmaneyes of Victoria~Silvstedteyes of Vida~Guerraeyes of Winona~Ryder

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