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103 Celebrity Eyes

Orson Scott Card: Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man stupid and blind in the eyes

eyes of Adriana~Limaeyes of Aishwarya~Raieyes of Alessandra~Ambrosioeyes of Alexis~Bledeleyes of Alicia~Silverstoneeyes of Alyson~Hanniganeyes of Alyssa~Milanoeyes of Angelina~Jolieeyes of Anna~Kournikovaeyes of Anna~Nicole~Smitheyes of Anne~Hathawayeyes of Avril~Lavigneeyes of Beyonce~Knowleseyes of Britney~Spearseyes of Brooke~Hoganeyes of Cameron~Diazeyes of Carmen~Electraeyes of Caterina~Murinoeyes of Catherine~Belleyes of Catherine~Zeta-Joneseyes of Charlize~Theroneyes of Christina~Aguileraeyes of Christina~Riccieyes of Cindy~Crawfordeyes of Claudia~Schiffereyes of Courteney~Coxeyes of Demi~Mooreeyes of Denise~Richardseyes of Drew~Barrymoreeyes of Elisha~Cuthberteyes of Eva~Greeneyes of Eva~Longoriaeyes of Eva~Mendeseyes of Famke~Jansseneyes of Fergieeyes of Gemma~Wardeyes of Gisele~Bundcheneyes of Gwen~Stefanieyes of Halle~Berryeyes of Hayden~Panettiereeyes of Heidi~Klumeyes of Hilary~Duffeyes of Holly~Valanceeyes of Jenna~Jamesoneyes of Jennifer~Anistoneyes of Jennifer~Connellyeyes of Jennifer~Garnereyes of Jennifer~Lopezeyes of Jennifer~Love-Hewitteyes of Jenny~McCarthyeyes of Jessica~Albaeyes of Jessica~Bieleyes of Jessica~Simpsoneyes of Jodie~Fostereyes of Julia~Robertseyes of Karolina~Kurkovaeyes of Kate~Beckinsaleeyes of Kate~Mosseyes of Kate~Winsleteyes of Katie~Holmeseyes of Keeley~Hazelleyes of Keira~Knightleyeyes of Kelly~Brookeyes of Kirsten~Dunsteyes of Kylie~Minogueeyes of Leeann~Tweedeneyes of Lindsay~Lohaneyes of Liv~Tylereyes of Mandy~Mooreeyes of Mariah~Careyeyes of Meg~Ryaneyes of Michelle~Pfeiffereyes of Michelle~Rodriguezeyes of Naomi~Campbelleyes of Naomi~Wattseyes of Natalia~Vodianovaeyes of Natalie~Portmaneyes of Nicole~Kidmaneyes of Pamela~Andersoneyes of Paris~Hiltoneyes of Penelope~Cruzeyes of Reese~Witherspooneyes of Rosamund~Pikeeyes of Salma~Hayekeyes of Sandra~Bullockeyes of Sarah~Jessica~Parkereyes of Sarah~Michelle~Gellareyes of Scarlett~Johanssoneyes of Shakiraeyes of Shannen~Dohertyeyes of Shannon~Elizabetheyes of Sharon~Stoneeyes of Sophie~Marceaueyes of Tara~Reideyes of Tera~Patrickeyes of Teri~Hatchereyes of Thora~Bircheyes of Tyra~Bankseyes of Uma~Thurmaneyes of Victoria~Silvstedteyes of Vida~Guerraeyes of Winona~Ryder

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